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Occasional Book Club Four Part I

Make: French Sewn Book

Cake: Yummy, Scrummy, Carrot Cake and Malteser Tray Bake


French Sewn Block

The fourth OBC happened on 18 July 2017. The invitations were little three hole stitch books with a self-contained wrap around clover with slot and tab fixing. We were very pleased this time to have Andrea join us around the table. In the continuing spirit of recycle and re-use the covers were off-cuts from old, left-over, prints.

This time Heather took the lead to get us to do some ‘proper grown up sewing’ and introduced a stitch that was new to most of the group. It was one which she had been shown on her bookbinding course at the Borders College. See the link for further info, she is really enjoying it!


One of the joys of Heather is her organisation so we had copies of her beautifully written college notes to keep for future reference. She truly had the patience of a saint and was having to do a dynamic risk assessment as most of us handled the folding with no problem but the making the holes with a Stanley knife was slightly erratic to say the least! I would definitely review this part for when that I do more for myself. Holes were eventually made both in sections (huzzah!) and tablecloth (boo!) but thankfully not actually in anyone.


Once we had calmed ourselves with tea and cake we continued. The sewing was actually straight forward when you concentrated (note to self) and the finished results quietly pleasing… it brought discussion about books with exposed bindings like these beauties from Ruth Bleakley. Future project for the making methinks! http://www.ruthbleakley.com/blog/2012/04/awesome-handmade-books-french-link-stitch-bookbinding/

Thank you Heather and we are all looking forward to Occasional Book Club Four Part II when we will take our French Sewn block and turn it into a proper book!

Occasional Book Club Three

Make: Pop Up Books

Cake: Heather’s Lemon Drizzle

The third OBC happened on 6 June 2017. The invitations were little postcards. All survived the post!

This time Rachel took the lead with enthusiasm and introduced the group to ideas for creating pop up elements to our books. We tried three versions: the ‘box’, the ‘diamond’ or ‘mouth’ and the zig zag. These were very effective methods that everyone found easy to re-create and there was excitement about the applications possible beyond the book form… Heather left buzzing with plans for Christmas cards (and it is only June!).